The Marital Estate: Asset And Debt Division

The marital estate includes items such as personal property, home, retirement assets and your debts acquired during the marriage. When you are going through the divorce process, your attorney will work with you to ascertain exactly what your marital estate includes as it relates to your specific circumstances.

Separating the financial aspects of a marriage involves many factors. In the state of Nebraska property and debt division is determined by a concept known as equitable distribution. This means that property and debt are divided based on reasonableness and fairness. Courts look at many factors relating to each circumstance to determine this.

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A Full Disclosure Is Required

In order for your divorce to proceed and your case to be resolved, each party must make a full and complete disclosure of all assets and debts. If there is something that is not addressed in the division of assets, then the parties may end up back in court again.

Some examples of assets that must be addressed include:

  • Consumer debt
  • Personal property
  • Real property and mortgages
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Stock options
  • Vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Bank Accounts

A skilled family lawyer can identify and evaluate your assets and debts in preparation for an equitable distribution. Equitable simply means "fair" and that can mean an exactly equal property division or something else depending on your circumstances. A settlement may be reached through negotiation, an alternative method such as mediation or a court trial and order.

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