Alternative Methods Of Resolving Disputes

Resolving family law matters doesn't always have to involve a court battle. In fact, most cases settle outside of court through alternative methods such as negotiation, divorce mediation or collaborative divorce.

The Many Benefits Of Reaching A Settlement Outside Of Court

There are a number of advantages to resolving a dispute outside of the court process. At Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO, our lawyers can explain the benefits specific to your case. However, here are some general positives to alternative methods:

  • Helps to keep legal costs lower
  • Allows parties to remain in control of outcome
  • More likely to abide by an agreement
  • Allows for flexibility and creativity in outcomes
  • Can be faster - not hampered by the court's schedule
  • Parties are often more satisfied with the outcome

An attorney can help advise you throughout the alternative process. In addition, family law attorneys frequently work with other professionals, such as appraisers or financial experts, in order to better evaluate certain assets or debts and to help facilitate settlement.

Our Alternative Family Law Services

We represent clients in the alternative methods as well as provide neutral services in mediation. Our paralegal, Patricia Kelley, is a trained and experienced mediator. She is one of only a handful of mediators certified in high-conflict divorces. We also represent clients in the mediation process as needed. Attorney Anthony Liakos practices in Collaborative Law. Contact us for more information about alternative family law services.

Contact us at 866-331-9146 to find out more about resolving your dispute outside of a court trial. We have flexible appointment options in our Omaha, Nebraska, office.