Protecting Your Financial Interests During Your Divorce

Separating the financial aspects of a marriage involves many factors. In the state of Nebraska property and debt division is determined by a concept known as equitable distribution. This means that property and debt are divided based on reasonableness and fairness. Courts look at many factors relating to each circumstance to determine this.

At Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO, we are here to help make sure your interests are protected during this process. Our lawyers have decades of combined legal experience and have helped many individuals in unique situations.

Areas Of Practice

Our lawyers can assist you in:

  • Real estate, including the primary residence and vacation homes
  • Vehicles
  • Personal property
  • Spousal support, alimony

Other Family Law Matters

Our Lawyers are skilled and experienced negotiators. They also have years of trial experience in the even your case cannot be settled.

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