About Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO

Serving Omaha, Nebraska, and Douglas and Sarpy and all surrounding counties with a wide variety of legal matters.

Decades Of Legal Experience

Our firm is the recent successor firm of the reputable Katskee, Henatsch & Suing, a well-known Omaha law firm established over 30 years ago by Milton A. Katskee and Harry R. Henatsch. In 2015, we became Katskee, Suing & Maxell ("KSM") under Benjamin E. Maxell's ownership. Then in January 2017, Pamela Govier and her team joined KSM to form what is now Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell ("GKSM").

In 1975, the practice was geared toward providing insurance defense and other civil litigation representation. Through the years, the firm's practice expanded to include a much broader range of services.

Today, Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO, helps individuals, families and businesses with matters involving not just insurance defense, but personal injury, commercial law, workers' compensation, family law, business law, estate planning and probate administration as well.

With a robust support staff, nine experienced attorneys currently make up the firm to help those in and around Omaha in search of experienced and trustworthy legal assistance. Each lawyer brings a wealth of knowledge in a specialized area of practice. All attorneys are actively involved in community efforts.

To learn more about the current makeup of Govier, Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO, and the background of each professional, click on the links below:

Mediation Services Available

In addition to our reputable attorneys, our paralegal, Patricia Kelley, is an accomplished mediator. Patti is skilled in handling high-conflict cases and can assist parties in resolving their dispute.

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